Week 1 Update: Disappointment (but good eatin’)

If you’ve been following my success and failure story and manifesto for trying to regain my fitness, you are probably wondering how it is going thus far.  I plan to post an update every weekend.

Week 1 got off to a bit of a soft start (no pun intended).  I think that I didn’t fully commit to my goals until sometime mid-week.  I had moments of temptation and moments of weakness, and didn’t always follow my own plan.  I was somewhat successful in some of these goals including doing something (most) every day, not drinking anything but water (mostly).  I’d already beaten the demon of caffeine in previous weeks so I was off to a significantly better start on that than some previous attempts.

On the diet front, I failed miserably at least a couple of times, including at a ballpark buffet and binging on chocolate animal crackers (who knew those were so good?).  I’d also indulged on the PigMan at RibCrib.  It’s brisket, pork, and sausage on one phenomenal sandwich.  Pretty much worth all the calories and fat it contains.IMG_0442

Other meals were more on track, and I feasted on the generic version of Slim-Fast and salads, including this great greek salad from Gusano’s Pizza.  Yeah, I ate salad at a pizza place.  Pretty proud of that one.


I grilled a couple of times on my newly repaired gas grill, including these really awesome boneless chicken thighs last night.


I got in a couple of morning runs, and a couple of gym workouts.  Yesterday my back declared mutiny against all of the activity and left me in intense pain most of the day. It’s still sore as I write this.

So where did I end up?  Today I weighed 314 lbs.  That’s a weight loss of 3 lbs from last Saturday, although on Sunday I’d went back up to 319 lbs.  If I count that weight, I lost 5 lbs.  We’ll go with that one; it sounds like more progress.

Next week I’m going to push myself a bit harder, provided my back cooperates.  However, I’ll be on vacation and the Memorial Day holiday may throw some additional food temptations my way.  What a time to kick off a weight loss plan…


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